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Welcome to Soragna, a town filled with art ... Welcome to a charming village, graced by a magnificent castle and surrounded by lush lowlands. Here, both history and nature have created a unique atmosphere that will seduce and win you over.


Do not be fooled by its small size, Soragna has much to offer. Art lovers, those pasionate about other cultures, lovers of gastronomy.


The imposing Rocca Meli Lupi Fortress dominates the center of the village, but Soragna is also known for the Synagogue and the Jewish Museum "Fausto Levi" as well as the Museum of Parmigiano Reggiano and the Farming Culture & Civilization Musem.


There are a number of reasons that might lead you to Soragna, not least the warm welcome offered by its accommodations, hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and cafes.


A small village rich in history and in the flavors rooted in a territory, that of the Parma lowlands, where you can feel the warm atmosphere of Emilia hospitality.

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